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For Frieze New York 2017 Kayne Griffin Corcoran and Tokyo Publishing House will co-present a solo exhibition by the Japanese artist Tatsuo Kawaguchi.

Since the 1960s, Tatsuo Kawaguchi’s practice has centered on visualizing the relationships between disparate entities, such as between man and nature, the individual and society, and the visible and the invisible. He has explored these dynamics through diverse media and materials, ranging from oil paintings and mirrored sculptures to conceptual installations and happenings. In their collaborative Frieze booth, Kayne Griffin Corcoran and Tokyo Publishing House will feature a selection of the artist’s early works. Together, they establish the themes, aesthetics, and working methods that have motivated Kawaguchi to continue evolving creatively—and reshaping our understanding of the world—for over 50 years.  

Tatsuo Kawaguchi, b. 1940, lives and works in Chiba, Japan. His first solo exhibition was in 1965 at Kobe International Gallery, Kobe, Japan. Since then he has had a number of retrospectives including: National Museum of Modern, Art, Osaka; National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo; Busan Museum of Art, Korea. Later this May, Kayne Griffin Corcoran will present the first solo exhibition of Kawaguchi’s work in Los Angeles.